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    Can the power adapter be used as a charger?


    We are the manufacturer of Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd charger. According to the situation, the charger has lithium battery charging, and there are various cases of the power adapter that charges the battery. If the mobile phone charging, the charger adopts the multi section type is first charging, constant current charging and constant voltage charging process, voltage and current will change, and the output voltage of the power adapter is generally stable, and with the current load of electronic products for charging.

    According to the type of the two applicable products of the charger and the power adapter, the two types of electronic products are the same, the charging mode is the same, plus the power output type is almost the same, it can be changed.

    Shenzhen Jodeway Technology Co.,Ltd. focuses on the development, manufacture and sale of switching power supply, intelligent charger, battery charger and other power products, and is one of the medium-sized power suppliers in southern China. The products cover IT class /EN60950, AV class /EN60065, household appliance IEC61558, battery charging class IEC60335, and LED lamps and lanterns EN61347 standard.